Sports Objective, Origin, and Rules

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Sports Objective, Origin, and Rules to help you have a background about it

Sport is a large field which combines of many games. The major team sports includes; rugby, soccer, cricket, hockey, basketball, netball among many others. Sports involve physical movement of the body. In sports, you have to know the basic skills so as you can compete against other teams and win. Sometimes sports are done for entertainment.


Soccer is an example of a sport, which includes a ball and two teams of eleven players. The players play the game by running around or slow and sometimes may be standing and throw the ball to the person of the same team until they score. The game is played on a field which is rectangular with a goal at each end. Soccer is the world’s most popular sport which is played by 250 million players in over 200 nations.


The objective of the game is to ensure that you score as many goals and defeat the other team by kicking or heading the ball into the opponent’s goal.

Sports Objective, Origin, and Rules to help you understand the meaning of sports

Sports Objective, Origin, and Rules

Sports Objective, Origin, and Rules

The origin

The first country where soccer was discovered was in England. Soccer has rules which members of a soccer team must learn so as to be able to defeat the other team. The soccer rules were established by the Football Association in England in 1863 which organizes the major English competition. The International game is administered by the International Football Federation which organizes the World cup and it’s played once every four year and is contested by the winners of all six continental champions.

Basic Rules

Soccer is fun to play and a simple game. There are eleven players in each team which includes one goalkeeper, four defenders, four midfielders and two forward. A goal is scored when the ball is kicked into the goal of the opponent’s goal.

Main rules on how to play.

  • No hands; when playing soccer no player should use his hands to play. Only the goalkeeper.
  • Throw-ins; these is when the ball leaves the field and crosses the sideline. The player that throws the ball back in is the team that did not touch it last. He must keep his or her feet on the ground and throws the ball with both arms over his head.
  • Corner kicks and goal kicks; this is when the ball crosses the end line and leaves the field. The team which is granted a goal kick is the one which did not kick the ball out of the field. If the team kicks it out then the other team is granted a corner kick. A goal kick is kicked from inside the goalie box while corner kick is booted from the corner nearest to where the ball left the field.

Clubs and countries

Professional soccer has leagues all over the World. The leagues have to be within a single country. The best overall is the England’s premier league. Other biggest clubs play in Italy. The European champion is a German club. FIFA controls World soccer. FIFA headquarters are located in Zurich, Switzerland. There are six regional confederations which crowns a regional champion.

          Six regional confederations associated with FIFA are;

  1. Asia: Asia Football Confederation (AFC)
  2. Africa: Confederation of African Football (CAF)
  3. Europe: Union of European football Associations (UEFA)
  4. North/Central America & Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF)
  5. Oceania: Oceania Football Confederation (OFC)
  6. South America: South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL)


Soccer game lasts for 90 minutes but contains a fifteen-minute break which is divided into two forty-five minutes halves. Sports Objective, Origin, and Rules the game which scores more goals is crowned the winner but there are sometimes there is a tie among the two playing teams.

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