Soccer some rules and terminologies

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It is also known as associative football. Soccer some rules and terminologies because it was so popular you need to know some terminologies of the game. Soccer is so popular and is played in close to 200 countries. It is said to have originated in England in the nineteenth century. This game is played between two teams of eleven players. It is played on a rectangular field. The main objective of this game is to ensure that the spherical ball gets to the opposing goal. The goalkeepers are the only players that are allowed to touch the ball with their hands during play time. Each team has a single goalkeeper who is positioned on the goal post. Soccer is played within 90 minutes that is divided into two halves. Each half has 45minutes.

Soccer is governed by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA). FIFA organizes the games for both men and women after every four years. FIFA has rules on how the field should be marked and its size. Here are some of the rules: It must be rectangular and between 50-100yards and 100-130 yards. The goal of the field is 8 feet high and 24 feet wide. The standard ball is black and white in color and between 27-28 inch circumferences.

Soccer some rules and terminologies that can help you

In soccer, the main positions are the goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and attacker. Three or four defenders act as the last line of defense before the goal. The defenders are also known as fullbacks. The midfield comprises three or four halfbacks. They are supposed to defend the goal. There are between two to four attacking positions called forwards.

This game starts with tossing a coin. The team that wins is given a chance to decide whether they want to kick-off or defend. The game is started with a kick-off; the player that starts the kick-off might not kick the ball until another player touches it. The player of one time tries to pass the ball to his fellow player until one of them is in a position to score that is, by kicking or heading the ball to the goal post of the other team.

At times during the game, the ball might go outside the field markings, in such a case it is restarted by a throw-in. When it crosses the goal line without entering the goal, it is started again with a corner kick or goal kick. The game might be so good, but soccer has its own offenses also. The following are some of the offenses. The first is offside; this occurs when a member of a team is closer to the goal of the opposing team than the ball at any given time. The penalty for this offense is that an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team. After the goal has been scored, a kick-off is used to restart the game. This kick-off is from the team which was scored against. A kick-off is also used after halftime that is 45 minutes after the game has started.

 For professional games, the players of each team wear matching shorts and jerseys, the colors differ from team to team. The jerseys feature individual numbers (eleven numbers) of the players. The goalkeeper of each team wears a unique or different colored jersey to make him different from other players. The goalkeeper also wears gloves to protect his hands. In soccer, shoes with rubber or plastic studs are worn.

 In conclusion, soccer is one of the most commonly played sports both locally and internationally. In most continents, soccer is played by both women and men.

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