Cricket is the game of gentlemen in IPL

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Cricket is the game of gentlemen in IPL (Indian premium league), this game become a rapid game. In this amazing league only four foreigner players can play from a team. Cricket is the game of gentlemen in IPL it is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India, in the starting of the match first six over count as the power play. Five or more than five bowlers can throw the over but not less five bowlers due to a rule that one bowler can throw maximum four over.

So this can create a problem for fielding sided team. A Player who builds the highest score in the entire league he gets the Orange cap from IPL, and the bowler who took the maximum wickets in the entire league he gets the purple cap. This is the biggest achievement for a player in the IPL. And rest process are the same as usual like Man of the match, sixer king etc.

Cricket is the game of gentlemen in IPL the most popular sports in India

Cricket is the game of gentlemen in IPL

Cricket is the game of gentlemen in IPL

IPL was founded by Lalit Modi the member of Board of Control for cricket in India (BCCI) in 2007. Total 11 teams to have competed since the first season. The teams name which got the title at least once. Rajasthan royal, Deccan chargers at this time it is known as Sun risers Hyderabad, Chennai super kings, Kolkata knight riders (KKR), Mumbai Indians. Rajasthan royal team was the winner of IPL season one. This team was owned by Raj kundra and the Great legend Shane Warne was the captain of this team. Yusuf Pathan was the lucky player for this team who showed an amazing level of game by bowl and bat. In the first match of IPL Bradon Macculam played the fastest century 158 runs in just 72 bowls, and this record was broken by Khris Gail when he hits the 175 by RCB in against of Pune warrior.

So IPL is the fastest game in the entire cricket world and this game has changed the definition of the fast cricket. Players come across the world to play in the IPL. IPL offers the huge amount to the player. And one more good thing in the IPL is that, the new player can get chance to show their talent in IPL and their best performance can help them to select in the National cricket team of their country.

But on the other hand some people gives their opinion regard this game as a disturbance game because players play for money in the IPL and this is harmful for cricket. Because as I .mentioned above that cricket is the game of gentle men, and this game require game spirit in the player. In the ancient time player played in the ground not from his team but from his country and at the whole country watched the match as one of the most important responsibility. I’ve remember still now that when Sachin sir (God of the cricket) was on the ground, people stopped their important work instantly and prayed for him and country.

It was the game spirit in the player and audience. Cricket is the game of gentlemen in IPL still remember that when we skipped our meal due to watch the match and prayed in the heart for our best players and our country to get the victory. And after the winning of the match week and months were gone in the discussion of the every moment of the match. But now at this time everything has been changed, people don’t have that kind of passion what they would have before ten years for the cricket. But I hope those golden days will be back and we’ll enjoy this gentle men’s game as like we were, but it is very clear that everything got a speed, a rapid speed in which something very important has completely missing.

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